Mindful Reading for Wellness

With our mindful reading service we can improve the confidence levels and mental wellbeing of employees, women and students so that the individual can reach their full potential and live a fuller life. 


tickGet out of bed in the morning positive & motivated

tickStop that critical inner voice

tickGain control of your life and thoughts

tickRealise you are a great colleague/student/mum etc.

tickLet other's enjoy your company

tickBecome comfortable making decisions

tickCreate a positive mindset

tickUnderstand who you are & the qualities you have

tickFollow through great ideas to completion

tickChange your approach and attitude to life.

tickBecome confident, courageous and ambitious

tickCreate joy, excitement, calm and tranquility

tickManage stress levels and increase attention

tick Learn to love you!

Is this you or someone you know?

  • A critical inner voice  "I'm not good enough"
  • Avoids trying to achieve things "I'll only fail"
  • Thinks others will always do better "There's no point as Joe Bloggs can do it better than me"
  • Does not join in socially "No one will enjoy my company"
  • Lacks self value "I'm a rubbish mum/partner/friend/employee/student"
  • Believes of no value to others "People just don't like or appreciate me"
  • Finds decision making difficult "What if I get it wrong?"
  • Struggles to sleep well "What if I've forgotten something urgent?"
  • Holds back in workplace/relationship/friendship "What if they hate my ideas? What if I'm rejected?"

"Books are the mirrors of the soul"

Virginia Woolf

What we can do for you...


Improving your self esteem and emotional wellbeing will have many positive results. For example, you will be more focused and organised during the day allowing you to get more done. Meanwhile your sleep pattern will improve so you feel more energetic. The positive mindset you develop will allow you to achieve more whether in your career, relationships or interests and will open up new and exciting experiences. Furthermore you will feel free to set ambitious goals and dreams and strive to achieve them. Whether you are looking for a new relationship, a new career or simply a new you, your new found confidence will attract opportunities.

Schools & Students

Schools today are committed to ensuring their students develop into fully rounded individuals as well as achieving their best possible grades. A student who lacks confidence is unlikely to reach their full potential both emotionally and academically. Some students give up and do as little as possible so they can avoid failure whilst others head for meltdown as they cram every available hour. We can help these students improve their self esteem and confidence in a way that fits with the curriculum so they can take a balanced approach to their studies and achieve their best.

Businesses & Employees

Mental health issues cost UK businesses around £30 billion a year.  By working with employees, not only can we can reduce this cost but we can build more confident employees who are efficient in their roles, contribute ideas to the work place and strive for even more success. Furthermore, investing in your staff mental wellbeing will ensure you are a sought after employer attracting the best candidates.

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